I am taking a weekend off.  Off of work and away from my children.  I may let you all know what is going on but just in case, I thought I would give you a heads up now.  I am going out of town.  This is not a party weekend.  This is a planning weekend.  This is me getting away to evaluate my current plan.  Thanks to my mom who offered to keep my kids and suggested I go see my brother.  I will be in a semi-safe environment.  I say this because sometimes my brother is not  the most positive person either.  He does however make good money (working for someone else) and have a beautiful home.  He will be a great host for my planning weekend.  He will give advice and opinions and will listen to mine.

This will be a weekend of going forward planning.  I am looking forward to it. It has been over a year since I have planned something this far in advance.  This plan started on Sunday of this week.

Keep checking back and come along with me as we keep going forward from this.  🙂

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